I can scratch this off my bucket list!


Hi there!

Today marks a great milestone for me, as I am featured in Fiverr’s mini “meet the Pros” series.

Here’s the link to the post:


I really feel like all my hard work throughout the years is paying off and I feel a sense of accomplishment.
Fiverr recognized my efforts and honored me with a feature. :smiley:

I just wanted to share with everyone here on the forum, and I also wanted to take a moment to let you guys know that I have a series of posts in the works, that I feel that will help new and old sellers alike.

I just need some time to set things up properly and write some articles.

But today is a day of celebration for me.

Thank you to everyone that posted seller’s tips that I read back when I was a new seller, and I promise I will start giving back even more. :slight_smile:

Recieved two warning from terms of services


Great video - really cool to hear about you like that.


Thanks @eoinfinnegan !

I was really anxious about how the video would turn out, I couldn’t help but direct some of the shots myself I have to admit. :slight_smile:


ZHey, @frank_d!

I’m on my way to class, but I watched this video like 2x already.
I thought you were an amazing guy before, but after watching you’re a superstar. :star_struck:

These feature videos are very inspiring. :heart:

Where was this feature filmed if you don’t mind me asking?


Hey @nikavoice
Thank you for your kind words! :slight_smile:

This was shot on location, as we in the film business say, in downtown athens.


It´s especially nice seeing a video in that series that´s about “someone from the forum before Pro was a thing”, congrats. Looks nice over there, love the birds intro.


Thanks @miiila

Yes I was here before most of Fiverr’s features were a thing. :slight_smile:

Hard work pays off.
Strategic planning pays off.
Staying motivated pays off.

I was a new seller with 0 sales, reading posts on this forum 4 years ago, almost to the day. :slight_smile:


Wow! That is a very nice video! Did you write your own script? Did you edit your own video?

Whenever I see gigs like yours or MikeVann, I have an urge to order - just because I want it! Why? Well, because it really good!

Of course, my small side freelancing - writing novella doesn’t call for anything as fancy and high tech as what you guys offer - but perhaps one day! :grinning:


That’s the good thing about buying digitally. You can purchase as much as you want without worrying about where to put it.


Hey @gina_riley2

I didn’t write the script or edit the video.
In fact I don’t think I could ever edit a video with me in it! :slight_smile:
Too self conscious.

But I did help the crew set up most of the shots, as you can’t beat the director out of me. :wink:

I think it’s high time we worked together on something.

Let’s do something small, like a 15-second ad.

I feel extra generous today, so don’t worry about pricing. :wink:


Well I had to ask because you stated you were in the filming industry. I don’t ever recall you mentioning which films before so - basically, I wouldn’t have been surprised if you had. I can see how it would kinda hard to edit a video with yourself in it! :slight_smile:

I love the scenery, though!


So, 15 sec ad? :thinking: Never ordered a video, so don’t have a clue. I’ll have to get with you sometime soon. :slight_smile:


Wow! Congratulations


Do you advertise your blog, Gina?

You could use Frank’s commercial to advertise it, or even use his commercial as a way of promoting an upcoming feature. That could be pretty cool.

OT for Sara

That’s exactly what I was think about.

My full time job has me going in circles, so the blog won’t happen for awhile. I quit putting a deadline on it - which was for my purpose only - because it’s been moved back several times now.

I will admit, I just spent the past few minutes looking at all of Frank’s video - thinking, “Which one would be the best for a blog?” :thinking: Hum? Which one, which one? :smile:


Nice! If it’s the Athens I’m thinking of then…

You should’ve had a cup of :coffee: with you know you! :stuck_out_tongue: A double feature Wow-wee that would’ve been awesome. However, I would :heart: to see The Green Pepper Lady featured at some point. :grin:

Like they say ~ sharing is caring. I think this would be VERY beneficial for all. Thank you! :sunglasses:


@gina_riley2 am preparing a new one, which I think is the one that fits your case best. Give me a couple of days to publish. :slight_smile:



You-know-who helped me with the written part of the interview.

Having a cup of coffee with her is next on my bucket list, since she’s on an island.

Perhaps this summer.

I’ll make a video if we meet up!


Very nice and inspirational video! :smile:

What would happen if you didn’t watch “The Terminator” that night? :smile:


SWEET, sweet, sweet!

I’m not surprised at all. 'Cause her use of words is wicked powerful & just so darn incredible.
Crème de la Crème! :sunglasses:

Cheers :tropical_drink::tropical_drink: