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I can’t block a buyer that is harassing me

Is this part of the glitch I got an email about today?
This buyer is asking for additional work after the order was completed and I gave him the one revision I allow.
Now he is saying he will only leave a good review if I do more work.
I honestly don’t care about the review at this point. I just want him to stop messaging me and harassing me.
I keep hitting the “block” button but somehow he is still messaging me.
What can I do?
He sends me ten plus messages in the middle of the night. Ugh.


That’s probably a bug that you can’t block him.

But to be honest I wouldn’t have blocked him because if he will contact fiverr support they usually side with a buyer for some reason and might even cancel an order.

I would suggest for you:

  1. Write a polite message explaining him that he had only one revision and he used it.

  2. If he still want to add changes you can send him a custom offer for an extra revision for x$.

  3. That blackmailing with a bad review to get more free work is strictly not allowed on fiver and against fiverr TOS and you can even attach a screenshot from tos.

  4. Contact fiverr support reporting this buyer explaining that he is blackmailing you to do free work or otherwise he will leave a bad review.


I’m not sure about that, but I normally find it easier to block users on the mobile app…it has always worked for me as in the desktop sometimes it doesn’t

It’s the order completed as in it was marked complete or as you won’t work on it anymore as they have reached their revision limit?

I would strongly advise against block a buyer you have an open order with, but if not then you may try the app as explained above

Report that to Customer Support

Edit: Maria’s answer is more complete, though you can still try the mobile app for blocking them.


Is the order completed automatically? Or is it in Delivered mode, and it says it will complete in the next 3 days?

I assume he can still message you because the order is still active basically, it’s not fully completed. I tend to believe that, because you said he didn’t rate it yet.,

Hi guys! Thank you for answering…over a month ago. I’m still new to Fiverr forum and didn’t realize my notifications were on my photo bubble.
The order had already timed out and completed at this point.
Thank you for your advice. I ended up reporting him to Fiverr and he never left a review.


I have tried all of these steps with multiple rogue buyers.

Sorry, but none of them work. I still end up getting either a cancellation, or a bad review.

blocking doesn’t prevent them canceling or leaving a bad review. It isn’t meant for that purpose.