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I can\'t contact my buyer?

Hello all.

Two weeks ago i had a great customer come to me and ask for my business. The thing is, somehow fiverr still thinks that the order isn’t complete so it says that the order is “very late” and i can’t end it, right? The buyer has to? I delivered the work, the guy was completely satisfied, but ever since when i try to contact him to mark the order as complete he doesn’t respond. This is giving me very bad ratings on my page for “delivered on time” I have 17% “delivering on time” ratings. All because this guy didn’t mark the order as complete. Or for some reason that i am not sure of. Can anyone help with this? Can i end the order somehow? Please ask any questions below if you need more info.

The buyer doesn’t have to mark the order as complete. Anything delivered via the Fiverr delivery system auto-completes three days later. If you delivered the order properly, it will be marked as complete. In addition, after delivery, if the buyer posts a review before those three days, the order will be marked as complete.

From what you noted, it sounds as though you didn’t actually deliver the order. And, if you did deliver the order properly, you’ll want to contact Customer Support, and ask them to take a look at the issue.

Thank you. I have a gig for video editing and whenever i deliver work i have to send a link to the video instead of directly sending it through fiverr because the files are always too large. So when i send a link to the completed work, fiverr doesn’t mark it as complete. So when i send my work, i also send a simple image through fiverr delivery saying thank you to the buyer and telling them to click the link to get the video. Apparently, with this particular customer, i did not do that. I must have forgotten. I just did and it will be completed in 3 days. Thanks for your help! -Kahlan

You’re welcome.