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I can’t delete my chats from inbox 🤷🏻‍♂️ Bug? ❌

I selected all conversations and deleted them but after login all my deleted conversations came back.
I tried to delete it like 100 times but after refreshing or login all deleted conversation came back into my inbox.
Please help how i can delete my chats permanently


You can not delete them, only hide them. They must stay there for legal reasons.


you can’t delete it man

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You can archive messages by accessing the three little dots on the top left of your message screen. Click that, it’ll open a short menu. Choose archive. That will get the message thread out of your inbox.


Wow fantastic new moderator! :+1:

@coerdelion Thank you for that tip!

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Yes there is a option to delete messages but i think it will remain in fiverr servers. If delete doesn’t work try to achieve your messages

You can’t delete…

No, it only hides them. if the same person send you message again you will have all conversation back in Inbox.

It is important to note that you can not delete messages. people mistake garbage can icon as delete, but it is only going to trash can temporally.