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I can.t get order suggests me what can i do

i have face a issue i can create a gig since last 20 days … yet i can,t get any order
my impression and clicks increas steadily .What wrong i do .see my gig and feedback your help please
i am new seller i need help from experts

I’m not an expert…
But I don’t understand your 'make fun and happy" gig.
Your premium package is $15 and is described as "stupid fun with stupid things"
Uhm… Nobody is going to pay for something with that description.

Work on your titles, descriptions, photos, and keywords as a start.
Good luck.

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Your page needs to look a lot slicker than it does presently. There is a lot of competition on Fiverr, especially in the writing categories, and your gig for writing has a lot of errors in it. people won’t want to hire you to write for them if you can’t get your own gig right.

Tidy it up and you will stand a better chance of orders.


thnkuu for this helping …'
now me trying to be best one
my second gig is poem writing **please chexk it
thanks for this kindness

thanks for helping
now i try my best to perform well