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I can´t see my Gig

Hi, I just posted my first Gig. I searched among all the Gig in the same category and was impossible to find it. I mean, checked 100% of the Gigs in the category and my gig was not there. But if I search using some key words I can see it.
So, why it is not showed in the category and what can I do to solve this issue?




you can choose my gig doesn’t appear in search option and choose the gig. then you can see the result.

if the gig is active your gig is placed in the fiverr market place. to move it to the top of search results you need to have some orders and good reviews. try with buyer request and try to have some orders.

hope this help.
thank you

Gig descriptions in English are mandatory. You can use additional languages as long as all the information is also available in English.

The above is from here:

You need to correct this.

Hi, yes I understand thay as still don´t have reviews and a good ranking it will not be in the first results, but what I find rare is that I checked 100% the category and my Gig wasn´t anywhere. Is it normal?

Oh, I didn’t know that. And as in Gig Status is Active and not in “REQUIRES MODIFICATION” I thought it was ok. I will check that. Do you think that can be the reason why I can´t see it?

Thank you very much.

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fiverr have different algorithms in order to optimize and personalize the results for the users. if the gig is active you have nothing to worry. its normal. sometimes you cannot search and see your own gig. it can be expose to some other person. do not worry and try to get orders with buyer requests. may be you can bring your local buyers to fiverr and ask them to order you via the platform and deliver the work too. hope this help.

thank you

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