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I can’t see the buyer review after completed delivery and countdown didn't stop

Buyer said that he was already reviewed the order. But i cannot see the buyer’s review in the order page and countdown doesn’t stop!
When I click on " Visit the Resolution Center" I found “A request for this order is already open.
Please resolve it before opening a new one.” but I didn’t do it before
What should I do please ?

Thanks in advance

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Which request you were trying to open with a resolution center?

It looks like you are misusing the system. Countdown stops as soon as you deliver your order. You don’t need to go to resolution center to finish your order. If it shows that message it means that you or client opened some kind of dispute on the order (Eg cancellation or time extension etc)


I don’t have any idea about any request I just want to know why I can’t see the review and why the countdown didn’t stop.


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The client marked the order as completed and he also left a tip but the countdown didn’t stop

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Of course you do. When someone sent a dispute it will show on your order page and you or client need to accept or decline it. And you can see that dispute on your order page.

Why did you even went to resolution center? To get a message that you got you needed to choose a specific “problem” from the list.

I’m pretty sure you are just confused about how system works.

You can check free video course on fiverr learn. On how to be a great seller and they also explain everything there how marking an order as complete works.


I found this :
“The order countdown is now ticking …”
It’s mean seller opened a dispute ?

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Oh my, you are pretty bad at explaining things :wink:

Can you attach a screenshot of your order page? (But please make sure to remove name of your buyer)

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