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I can\'t see the buyer\'s request section

Hi, from this afternoon I can’t enter the buyer’s request sections.

Everytime I try the site send me to the Manage orders page. I try to enter the page from the URL but seems that the page don’t exist.

I try to contact the support but for now I heard no one

Someone have my same problem?

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I’m struggling, similarly. Every time I try to access the page, it says in an orange bar at the top of my page “Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again later.”

I’ve been having moderate success on the app, but it’s frustrating that I can’t see or reply to things. And the app doesn’t show previously sent offers or how many I have left today. =/

I’m glad you sent a ticket; my assumption is that it’s widespread and related to updates, but I honestly don’t know.

Happy to know I’m not alone.
I’ve been able to access it once after I disconnected my account, connected to my boyfriend’s (it worked perfectly fine for him) and got back to mine. I accessed the Buyers Requests, could send one but when I try to refresh, back to Manage Orders. Not that I don’t like to manage them, but… The app works but it’s not that practical to send offers.

My girlfriend’s profile is ok, my profile don’t work.

This is very frustrating

Same here, I can’t see the ‘Buyer Requests’ tab on the website, but I can still see it in the app. The app doesn’t show certain parameters of the offer as @carolynfr said.

@kchicks Try Reinstall your Application :+1:

Thanks for your suggestion @djwaruna. I did try logging out, no change. I think there are other features missing from the drop down menu as well, but I’m not familiar enough with the layout yet to name them.

:slight_smile:Are you sure are you update your application to latest version.

It’s changed its name to ‘Send Quotes’.