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I can’t send bayer request


please help’me i can’t send bayer request any idea


Hi @masterdesign18,

Can you please explain a bit more?


Are you trying to send a buyer request or are you trying to send an offer and not seeing any requests?


A Fiverr user can either be a buyer or a seller in a particular situation (not both). So… are you the buyer or the seller in this scenario? Because sellers aren’t usually the ones who send buyer requests… They only submit offers in response to buyer requests.

If you are indeed someone who wants to purchase a gig, then maybe you are trying to create a buyer request that’s violating the ToS? :thinking:


no only day i have 10 bayer request,now stoped (message from center- you cant send offer please contact suport) what is this ?


They’re asking you to contact support about it. Try contacting them about it (raise a support ticket or contact at Maybe there was some issue with past offers or something.


Then maybe you should follow the message and contact support team?

But please make sure that you double check mistakes in your english when contacting support so they could understand you.