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I can;t show my gig

What is the problem on my account help, please?


if you new, you need to pass English exam to publish your gig, i think. good luck :slight_smile:


Thanks for suggesting, I will try it

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Your “Migration…”. gig says:

“Why Choice me?”. That should be “Why choose me?”.

One of the reasons given is “Active Available 24/7 hours”. But the average response time on your profile is 5 hours (so surely it should show a max of 1 hour if you’re active and available 24/7?).

One gig says “I will migration your website…”. Maybe change to “I will migrate your website…”.

Your “I will convert PSD to html…” gig says in the description “100% Unlimited revisions”,
but your packages show the revisions are between 4 and 5, not unlimited.

Your landing page gig says “Why Chose Me?” when it should say “Why choose me?”.

edit: Is there another gig that you can’t show? Is it in draft mode? Did you click to publish it?

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Why?? What happened??

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According to my experience, Try this method. Send buyer requests on Daily basis.
Share your Fiverr Profile to the Social Media Platforms and forums like Quora etc.

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Yes I published my all gig on fiverr. Thanks for suggested me

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