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I can’t uploading files on Fiverr, , Anyone having this issue of not being able to upload files to Fiverr as of now?

How I can fixed this Bug? And the files size are 512 KB

Try again with Different ISP.

Please, What do you mean?

Use Different Internet connection, or clear the cookies of your browser and try uploading the file again.

I have cleared the cookies and I have tried other browsers and the problem still until now

I’ve had the same problem recently. When I was trying to upload several files at the same time, it was impossible. Finally I had to upload 1 single file, wait and repeat with the rest.

If your files are too large, why don’t you use google drive or something, Upload to them and give the link to the client. Hope it will help you.

Someone was quoting the updated ToS on here yesterday and it appears now we’re not allowed to use Dropbox, Google Drive and so on and have to only upload the files via fiverr. I wonder what you’re supposed to do in cases like this one.

On topic: if you have a bit of time to wait, give it 20-30 minutes. It usually fixes itself quickly enough, for me at least.

I will check it again with Fiverr custom support. Thanks for your update.
But I hope sellers need a upload option for larger files.

In my category the upload limit went up to 1GB so maybe this is when the change took place? But if you receive any information update on this, please share. We definitely need alternatives given how glitchy fiverr is sometimes with file upload.


The files size are 500 KB only

I have contacted with CS and say me will send to Tech team to review

Okay. Fiverr will fix that. As @lenasemenkova, we can upload upto 1GB. You will get a solution soon.
Also I have contacted CS to know about uploading to drive. I will let you all know as soon as I get replies.

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@lenasemenkova I got the answer from CS.
" If you wish to share larger files, you are more than welcome to share them using a Drive or Dropbox. Please keep in mind that it is only allowed to share the Direct link to the files and not through sharing to the email address."

So, we can use them only to send links. I think this will help you all.


Oh, so basically nothing changed then. That’s a relief. Thank you for the information.

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I have used another computer and the delivery is success

Thanks Great thread helped me