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I can tell you EXACTLY why you do not get any offers through buyer request

I am using fiverr as a seller and buyer for over three years. EverydayI do see topics like “Why do I get no orders through buyer request?!” on the forum. Most of the time I choose the sellers I want to work with by browsing through their gigs and contacting them directly. This time I was trying out the buyer request section. I wrote a detailed request and now, only about 30 minutes later, I got 50 of useless offers from sellers who did not even bother to read the first two lines of it. Holy crap. I always thought you can’t see the buyers details (such as the username) but my personal inbox is also exploding with these morons who now contact me directly. “Give order! I can do work!”… and as I am also a seller, I am now supposed to answer these messages to keep up my response rate. Instead I’ll just report these guys. Besides that, I was looking for influencer, youtuber or blogger for a cooperation to promote an online course I created. The offers I get are ridiculous. Someone sent me an offer to create a 3D music video for me … and I am seller who creates 3D animated music videos. :laughing:

This is horrible. I guess the same people come over to the forum to complain how they get no orders, how fiverr is responsible for them not being successful. Now, I’m going to try my luck by letting the request online until tomorrow, maybe there’s someone sane who actually reads and provides the service I need. Until then I’ll be busy with the remove button to get rid of all the copy paste offers.

Sorry, if I sound harsh. But as a seller and buyer on this platform, it’s just shocking. If every buyer gets spam like this after posting their request… holy.


It is called “Entering Buyers request BONANZA” when a seller that knows Fiverr needs something and wants to use BR section.

I tried it and it was amusing.

I work in the logo design section. My first couple of buyers came after they flopped with “designers” from BR. They got 350 offers LOL. No one read anything they wrote.

I even made some tests to prove they do not read BR at all. I asked to have 1000 pages of drawings for 5$ with copyrights and everything in vector. And I said if you are not willing to do this for this budget please do not send an offer. I got 25 offers. And when I asked them OK, I will accept your offer, when can you be done with 1000 drawings, they go No no no no, this and that.

And when I asked for YT promotion, aaaaaa the private messages from all over…

Did you ever had someone asking for 9 tests GIGs merged in to one? 405$ for 180 seconds video?

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You don’t. Please do report all the spammers for spam. You’ll be doing everyone a favor.