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I can write you a fanfiction or original story! ANY length!


Hi guys! I’m super new here, but I’d love to start writing for people!

I only have two gigs on this site - one to create an original story, and one to create a fanfiction for someone. I also get them done relatively fast too!

If you are interested in either of those things, I highly recommend checking out my gigs! The prices are relatively cheap (I think) as I’m just getting started and trying to get my first gig on here, but I hope you guys enjoy nonetheless!!

The rules are on the gigs themselves, but basically I’ll write anything that isn’t erotic - so I hope that caters to your fanfiction or story needs - check me out if you have a chance!

Have a great day! :black_heart:


I do fandom art for fanfiction and graphic designing. I offer a lot in the past for Stranger Things & Walking Dead, what fandom is your writing abtout.


Oh that’s cool! My fanfictions will probably be mostly from anime, or from book fandoms such as Warriors, Twilight, etc… it’s great to hear that other people write fanfiction on here too!


Twilight was pretty good. I love fanfiction, I got started writing by working on Harry Potter stories.