I cancel gigs based on my politics


Here’s an interesting topic. At least 6 times this year I’ve cancelled gigs because of my politics.

I’ve cancelled gigs for being sexist, homophobic, classist.

Most recently I cancelled a gig for a company that did “DNA, Drug, and Background checks” on employees. I object to this on many levels, most deeply the classism that is contained in the “owner/employee” dichotomy. The power difference is huge. Overall, I object to the disregard for privacy and part of their wage serfdom that is “status quo” in our run a muck “at least you have a job” AmeriKKKan’t view.

Do you ever get gigs that challenge you in some way? What do you do about it?

Don't you think, Fiverr loosing sellers due to level decrease strategy?

Yay, I love cancle-ing gigs too (points at your title)


Yes, it's the difference between good boundaries and being an activist.

Thanks for the discussion.

princemaxx said: Yay, I love cancle-ing gigs too (points at your title)

TY Fixed.


Reply to @anarchofighter: btw, awesome stuff you got there. My respect for you increased even more now. :slight_smile:

At one side there are people willing to do anything for money and at one side there are people like you who will do what is right. Way to go


I have done jobs for all sorts of sites. The only one I did not feel to comfortable about doing was a website for “Animal acupuncture”. However I still completed this. As I was not working directly with the content and just doing a behind the scenes fixing an error with a php script. Not really a big deal. Although I find it upsetting and strange, Its the way of life. If they did not come top me they would just find someone else. So, Why not take the money?

If the job was something on the lines like take animals there, or take photographs… I would then cancel the gig or deal.

I think it depends on what your gig actually is.


I like your profile picture, Jamesey. From where do you hail?


You canceled a gig because of an order from a certain buyer? How does that work? Won’t it affect your rating?


I cancel gigs too when they don’t follow my code of ethics, sometimes though buyers will decline the mutual cancellation and expect it to be done. Fiverr CS soon deal with it for me. I wont do gigs that involve pharmaceuticals , get rich quick programs, dating sites etc.


I state in my gigs I will not do adult content. Only once did someone ask me to do something that was “on the line” in that regard, so I did complete the gig and let them know that would be it for me. They never did ask again.