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I cancled a gig due to they selected wrong gig


Will this count against me since they requested the wrong gig?


I would also like to see an option where we can recommend some of our own favorite gigs from others.


Well, I got another order today asking me to do something that in my gig description I clearly state I cannot do… and I know it will count on my cancellation ratio :frowning:

Same happened a lot of times for ordered by mistake or ordered the wrong gig


Seems an error they could fix with the developers. (shrug)


Reply to @bachas85: I wrote CS complaining (another time) for this crazy rule, telling them how many sellers are ranting here on forum too. They know this… let’s hope that going on with these complains we can have a fair rule that protects both sellers and buyers :slight_smile:


Reply to @madmoo: i wonder who I can talk to then…


Reply to @madmoo: OK see that is crazy and it was my second order they did that and my first order never left feedback. I only had 2


Reply to @bachas85: It was my second order so we canceled it and they reordered. Im new so i dont know. i dont want to mess anything up lol