I cannot believe some people


Honestly sometimes I wonder what people are snorting.

I got a message, on a different website, from someone a couple of days ago, they were a new seller and they wanted help. Although some people find those guys annoying I’m ‘ok’ with saying a couple of things to them.

After telling the seller some ideas and improvements he can make with his gigs, all he could say was, “Wow what horrible advice”.

Because the persons first language was not english I didn’t take that comment as hard as I would have, I continued to give him advice and he seemed happier.

A couple of days later he asked me to buy his gigs. I was so flabbergasted, I tried to tell him that it would cost me money if I did.

The guy then attacked me out of the middle of nowhere! Telling me that I am (and I quote) “An American racist bastard that ‘whores’ money from the poor to watch them suffer”!


Did this ever happen to anyone?!? I’m starting to lose faith in humanity!


Reply to @kjblynx:

"Hey Honey. . Send some of that sugar my way. . "

Ew, that’s creepy.

Be sure to add some cyanide to the sugar and then send it over to him…


Wow, this really happens? So funny and so sad…

Lucky me, eastern Europe is still 3th world:))

seanc99 said: I'm starting to lose faith in humanity!
Don't worry! The world is still full of honest, caring, intelligent humans!.... to get shafted and discouraged by everyone else.

Sad, but true.