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I cannot create my own gigs

Hi, i’m mercy and i’m new to fiverr. i am also excited to work on fiverr but i cannot create a gig. Am i doing something wrong ?


Check this out:

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

can you verify with your phone number

1st…Have you signed up to be a seller? Or you just only created your account.

When you create an account on fiverr, it automatically is buyer account, then you have to become a seller, setting up your profile, taking some tests, then you can create and publish a gig.

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Ok, thanks. I will go and do that

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I haven’t verified with my phone number, just my email


First Verify phone then you will able to publish

Oh, i didn’t know that. I will do that right away


Thank you, this was helpful

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