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I cannot deliver an order as I keep being forced to sign in repeatedly


I cannot do anything to any orders as it continually flips to a sign in page.


Keep getting logged out when logging into Fiverr
Login problem is coming

im having the same issue right now



Same here on Chrome and have heard of it happening for others on both Firefox and Safari.


Having the same issue it takes me to the login page.


I cannot get to customer support either as it flips to a sign in page. In fact no matter what I try to do on the site I go to a sign in page.


It just started happening to me too.


I think something is going wrong and Fiverr team will fix this issue as it’s not only happening to you but to all.


Same issue. :neutral_face:


Surfin’ :surfing_woman: in Chrome.

Ugh! This is annoying. :expressionless:


Is it working on the app?


Same thing here!!! I hope they get it fixed!


I’ve just signed in a dozen times in a row. It’s all it allows me to do.


Same but looks like it fixed itself right now
My hands are shaking, i thought my account was banned dammit Fiverr
This is seriously not cool dammit


Same here. I can’t sing in :frowning:


Looks like fiverr have some technical problems


I just got a message and when I tried to answer it, got the sign in page.’

Can anyone get to customer support to tell them about this?

It’s still happening.


now its working . check it


Now I cannot even sign in, nothing happens when I try.


OMG me to :frowning: I thought was banned