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I cannot deliver my order

I am uploading a video to deliver but as soon as it is uploaded, a page shows that we can’t show this page.
The order is due in less than 2 hours and it has happened 2 times with me.
Yes, I can send it through google drive but I want this video to show in my portfolio.
Has anyone experienced this before??

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How big is the video? Maybe it is too big, I think there is a limit. Just a suggestion!


I agree with you maybe this video to long

I have in the past uploaded a low quality file for the order delivery but then provided a download link for the full version at best quality.

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video is only 3 mins long

Your file size is most likely too big. Your file size can still be big even though your video is not very long. It depends on the quality of the video.

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It is only 200 MB while limit is 1 GB
I have uploaded bigger files than this in the past

What should I do??
ONLY 50 mins left

Then send it through Google Drive as you suggested in your first post. It is more important to deliver on time than for the video to show up in your portfolio.


I will try this now

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Hello there,
I think your video is too big. If it is then just make a short video for the portfolio. and other main files send through the google drive or dropbox. I hope this way you can solve your problem. Thank you.