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I cannot download attachments

I have this ongoing problem with attachments on fiverr. I cannot download the attachment as I get the “Failed - Network error” message in the browser.

I have tried in private mode in Chrome, FF and IE. All browser are up to date with browsing history cleared. I run also the CCleaner for a deeper clean up.

After all this I still get these errors, see below:
Chrome console:
Page error:

I have contacted fiverr support but they cannot help as they say it works on their side. What is interesting is that I could download attachments from their message, but not from a sellers message.

Can anyone help with this? It is getting really annoying!



Ask the user to re-upload the files. Or you can also ask them to upload on Google Drive and provide you the links to download the files.

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It was resent. But attachments from all users are affected. It is not just one attachment…

I never heard anything like this, but “attachment from a particular user” problem occurred multiple times. In that case, Can you please try a different browser or uninstall the current browsers and try again?

I have tried 3 browsers. Pls read first messsage

I read that, but the thing is Fiverr’s attachments stored in Amazon server, and I do not think, AWS is now down or it can go down for a particular user. Your ISP may have something to do with this issue. Try using different connections or routers.

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It is nothing to do with ISP.

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Try to use any other device like phone or tablet

You can sign in again in your account
if it doesnt fix please contact with customer care

yes it works on phone, but not on desktop. Customer care cannot help!


Try Upload Zip FILES.I Think Zip files Can Download!

then it must be fault of your computer may be lol.

I don’t have problems with any other page to be honest. Only downloads from fiverr are not working and that with 4 browsers.

This is still an issue in 2019.

This is definitely a bug . Filenames/browsers should not have any effect on whether users can download or not.

For the record, I’m using Chrome, and I’m attempting to download small files with simple names; there is absolutely no reason in this case why Fiverr downloads should fail. I am able to download successfully from other websites (Google Docs, Dropbox, etc etc etc).

This is a bug in the Fiverr platform which should be fixed.

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I have found that I have left my browser and my fiverr account open for a longer period of time, I simply close the tab(s) and log back in - that fixes it. Also be aware that anything that you THOUGHT you sent during the network error issue including any TEXT (not just uploads) likely did NOT go through either. Hope that helps!

I am facing the same problem, (There is “Failed-Network Error” when i download my files from buyer). Can someone please help me to rectify it ?


I am facing the same problem, (There is “Failed-Network Error” when i download my files from buyer). Can someone please help me to rectify it ?