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I cannot download or upload any attachments!

When I try to download an attachment from a buyer the browser says it couldn’t connect to the amazonaws server, and when I try to upload a finished order it just gets stuck at zero, I have already gotten into trouble with one customer because of it and I have another two orders due in a few hours from now and I REALLY don’t want to miss another deadline…


It seems there’s a technical issue right now.
Fiverr App is still working and you can download your files there.


Do you have an issue with that too?

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Yes, I can’t download anything in Chrome.

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Update your fiverr app.

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I don’t use fiverr app.

Same issue, I cannot download or upload files.

I’m literally shaking right now, if I miss another deadline because of this I will be the only one to suffer even though it’s not my fault :frowning:

You can message the client and request an extension while dealing with this. I have also been able to upload my files to dropbox link for the client as a workaround for the moment. I have a message into Fiverr also.

Same here. I am having to use the app to download material and email myself on to my IMAC - It’s very frustrating. It was the same last night here in the UK - I couldn’t even upload completed work and had to use dropbox at an extra cost.

Do you face any technical issue?

It’s intermittent - Works sometimes and other times it doesn’t. This has only started happening to me on the same machine since yesterday. It’s very strange, yet very frustrating.

whenever you see this kind of problem… just clear your browser cache completely. and it will start working.

Fiverr is using Really Advance CDN network to stores static and Dynamic files cache. so sometimes. it sucks in our browser cookies.

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Thanks for your help! It worked nicely and i now know, with your help, what to do if this happens again!!
Eternally grateful - Cheers, Paul.

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@paultoole1 you are welcome :blush: