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I cannot find any buyer of my Gig category

I see many buyer request but they are not seems to like my working category .what’t the problem? i don’t understand

what are you lloking for exactly ?

be patient, let them find you

what is your work category?

you create Mailchimp templates and only Landing pages for a website. It is possible that maybe there is not a lot of demand for that.

I do not think many people would post that they need help designing a mailchimp newsletter, because it is all templates that are free inside of Mailchimp and most people can do it for themselves.

Maybe if you have some samples in your portfolio of how creative you can get with just using templates and show off some of your work, maybe you can get buyers who serach for this kind of service. But I would go search on Fiverr for Mailchimp gigs and then click on high rating and notice how many gigs each seller has sold, that will maybe give an idea of whether or not a lot of people buy this kind of gig to begin with.

you changed your profile photo, is this really you? It is a much better picture than the other one which was too dark.

thanks sincere18 .yes it is I am .are you not believe?

Reply to @khademulfaiez: yes, I believe, it is just that the other photo was so dark and off to the side and you looked mad in that other picture so this looks like a different person. But this is a much better photo than the one you had before.