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I cannot get any order for my gigs

Hi all iam farahnaaz I have done Masters from English literature and completed diploma in social media marketing and SEO i made 4 gigs at fiverr and iam here since many months but i could not receive any order till now.

Please help with tips and suggestions to me.


A few suggestions:

  1. Use a photo of yourself. Your kid (if it’s your child) is cute, but you want buyers to see you as a professional.

  2. If you’re going to offer writing gigs, correct the errors in your gig descriptions.

  3. Fill out the profile section by writing about yourself, your credentials, and how you can help your buyers. “This is where you make your pitch to potential buyers. Describe your background, your passion and your personality.” on your profile isn’t going to make buyers trust you.


Thank you caty for useful i will change my profile pic right now and will follow to develop my profile and bio

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I think @catwriter has given you a solid feedback. Go to buyer requests and see the work that you can do over there. My strategy initially was way too much work for a lower price so that i build my ratings.

Please stop spamming the forum. If you want to post your gig, please do it under ‘My Fiverr Gigs’.


Just follow what @catwriter has suggested. Hope, those work.

make some videos and add

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No offense- but if you’re skilled at social media and SEO, I would presume you’d be able to market your gigs and drive traffic to them.

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follow @catwriter steps for the better result

It takes some time to get new orders.
But you will get success if you are professional.
Use a good description, Real profile photo and also keep an eye on Buyer requests.
Wish You a good luck.

What are you doing to market and promote your services?