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I cannot get any orders

I have been on fiverr for almost 6 months now, and i have been getting tons of views and clicks, but i still have not gotten a single order. i have tried promoting on social media, through discord, reddit, instagram, tumblr, and many others, but it does not seem to be working, what can i do?
thanks in advance!


I’m sorry. It’s truly unfortunate and must be frustrating. I’m new here, and haven’t published a gig yet. May I suggest including a link to your gig page. It might help you get a response from the experienced members of the Fiverr community. I’m sure they could give you some tips and insight on areas where you can improve your gig.

I wish you the best!


mainly brother I am a new seller too!
I am facing the same problem so far…
Staying calm is the right thing!
Pray for me brother<3

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Freelancing is a job, not a hobby. I don’t want to discourage you, but you seem to have approached this without any plan or research.

Part of your problem might be that you’re using copyrighted game characters. In your background-removal gig, you also say ‘out of photos’ but you have no examples of photographic background removal. Your subtitles gig has an example, but the words can’t be read because there’s no contrast. The ‘cut clip’ gig has an unflattering thumbnail.

Also, you have this stated directly in your profile, so I’m not quite sure what you’re complaining about. “i decided i should do what i like to do and am fairly skilled at doing instead of what would make the most money”
I hate to be blunt, but I will be honest: you’re ‘what I’m good at’ isn’t very good.

As a native English speaker, you should also already know that the pronoun ‘I’ is always capitalized.


You can improve and fix this. It will take a lot of work and a fair amount of research, but it’s totally possible to improve both your gigs and your own skills to match the marketplace.

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