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I cannot get my gig to show DELIVERED

I sent the photo to the buyer almost immediately, and now, even almost 12 hours later, it still does not show as delivered and I still have the inbox message saying I need to deliver the order with the clock counting down. What the freak does it take to get your gig to show delivered when you have sent it? Does the buyer have to come back and mark it as delivered? I must say, there are lots of things I do not like about this site and am tempted to delete my account if this is an example of how this place “works”.

Yes, I ticked the “Deliver Your Order” button at the top of the page. I even did it twice with the attached photo for the buyer, and it stills shows as not delivered with the clock ticking. There has been no other communication from the buyer other than the first order. So are you saying the buyer DOES have to mark the order as completed? Seems that is not how it should be done. I am the one that should be in control of when it shows “delivered”.

Thank you. Yes, it seems like something is not right to me also. I will see if I can get any help from Customer Support. The only thing I saw at the Resolution Center was some silly robot with two meaningless answers. I’m REAL close to closing out my entire account here.

I’ve been having the same problem and what I’ve done is contacted customer support a couple of days ago.

This must be the same bug that’s occurring in the to-do list this week. I hope it’s fixed soon!

Change your browser!!!

I should have tried itthebest’s suggestion. I’m using chrome at the moment. Time has past and the buyer has cancelled even though he received the delivery. I’m also still waiting to hear from support.