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I cannot post new topics because of my last topic if it was posted removed in few hours

Please tell me via inbox how my topic can stay longer in the forum. if you comment and my topic was removed than i cant read your comments. plz inbox personal.
Last time i got many dislikes on my topic. So my topic was removed from the wall.

If the topic that you create violates forum guidelines it can be removed. There is no point “keeping longer” topics that are against of forum rules.


Well… If you post a topic and keep asking the same question 50 times because you want to hear the answer you want to hear, it doesn’t help anyone on the forum, so it’s likely to get removed.

Or, if you create a topic just to cry because people didn’t like your previous topic. It doesn’t contribute to the community in any way (and people are likely to make fun of you because you’re not acting like a professional service provider), so it’s likely to get removed.

In short, follow the forum guidelines, and try to act in a professional manner.


tnx i will try to to improve my self according to the terms and condition of fiverr.

tnx my topic is still not remove if i want to post topic which is helpful for in forum and i was deleted by the system because of my last topic than what should i do

Your new topics won’t be deleted based on your old topics. Each topic is treated individually.

If you’re going to start a post, either create a post because you need help with something related to Fiverr, or because you’re going to add some information of real value to the forum. If either of those is applicable, and you post according to the forum rules, your post will remain. Simple.


It wasn’t deleted because of the last topic. Forum doesn’t work like that.

Try to figure out why your topic was removed. For example, creating a topic just to complain about your hurt feelings because someone didn’t like your previous topic doesn’t help community in any way (plus it’s bad for Fiverr’s reputation to allow someone to behave in such an unprofessional way on a public forum).


“Threads with excessive meaningless commentary may be cleaned up and closed.”

The above is from the: Forum Rules + Do's and Dont's


You kept on asking the same thing over and over to try to keep your thread going as long as possible it looked like so don’t do that.