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I cannot see active buyer request

1 buyer request is active in my buyer request but I can’t see why on display? :disappointed_relieved:

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It is an old :bug:. Just ignore it. :ok_hand:


Don’t worry there is no reason to be disappointed here. This happens in the case of new seller in fiverr. You need to send a buyer request at a certain time every day.

You Can send Buyer Request from:
11 PM - 3 AM
6 AM - 8 AM
6 PM - 9 PM
As per Indian/ Pakistan/ Bangladesh Time Zone. It really works for me…! You can try this.

:heartpulse:All the Best. Go ahead with success :heartpulse:


thank you for comment

thank you for first reply

You are right, it works for me too. But today i’m not getting a single Buyer Request. I am waiting from 10:30 am. :neutral_face:

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I think this page is taking a nap too


@hasib306 I am new too but what I have observed is that buyer requests time keeps changing after sometime and you have to keep an eye on those. Thanks

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