I cannot see my Gig in Fiverr search result


As I am new seller on Fiverr, I select “New seller Filter” but I not found my Gig in any page of search result. Have any one can give solution of this problem.


Hiabid233 .When a Gig is created or edited, it needs to go through an approval process. Your Gig is active, but it will not appear on search until it is reviewed.Just wait a little more time,and check after 24h-48h.If it has been over that time,I recommend to submit a ticket to Customer Support.They will give you an answer to this issue.


I have the same issue.


Here the same, I’m not a new seller,

The past 3 days the most gigs from me are not showing up on search results. I don’t know what’s going on…

There are any issues with the statics, Fiverr is working on it. But gigs not visible I don’t know about it is an issue or what…



Thanks for Suggestion.


same thing happened to my gig also, but i thought it has been fixed,so gig is now visible…

You can recheck your’s too


Thanks for Suggestion.