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I cannot see my gig in search engineering


Hi, I face some problem. I cannot see my gig in search engineering. I search for my gig keyword. But i cannot see my gig. What can I do now?


Try searching for it and going to the last page. You can also go to the support page - and under ‘what can we help you with?’ select my gig doesn’t appear in search. Select the gig and see if it’s active, if not give it 48 hours, and it should be back there.

Fiverr has also been doing tests on their gigs which caused many gigs (including mine) to go down in the search results. I hope any of this can help!


2 days ago. my gig also found page 3. Today I can not see my gig. Thanks, @truedimagaming.


my gig also not found in search page


Read my answer above. If nothing worked, contact CS.


ok. thank for your information