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I cannot see my GIG when I search with the name

I have posted my GIG a week back. In the start it was receiving alot of views and now I can see only limited views.


Probably because (at least in the U.S.) tax season is over.

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If you can’t find your gig in search at all (so your gig didn’t just drop in rank, it disappeared completely), it may be that your gig has been removed from search results (it’s not indexed, I think that’s the term) for any of a number of reasons. Happened to me just a few days ago and it turned out it was because it was being reviewed after I’d made a few changes.

Here’s how you can find out if that’s what’s going on:

Click on your profile picture in the top right-hand corner --> Help & Support --> Seller Help Center --> Contact Us. Under “What can we help you with?” choose “Gig”, then “My Gig doesn’t appear in search”. Select the gig you’re trying to locate and see what the message you get says. That will tell you everything about your gig’s current status :slight_smile:


Thank you for your suggestion

I guess the question I have to ask is, why would people be searching your name to find your services? Why do you think your username is going to turn up results for your gig in a services-based search system? Your username is not a keyword for your services.

Keep in mind too, the search system is a dynamic search system. What you see in the search results is NOT what someone else conducting the same search sees. Therefore, where you see – or don’t see – your gig in the search system has absolutely nothing to do with the success of your gigs. What OTHER PEOPLE see is what you need to be concerned with, and the best way to be seen, is to have a great gig, with a great cover image, and strong targeted keywords.