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I cannot see the My Gig in its place after vacation mode


When I come back from Vacation Mode on fiverr, My gig is not showing in its place where it was earlier.
Means when someone search for my gig type, I cannot see my gig in its place.
Can someone please help me out.
here is my gig
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Fiverr doesnt gurantee your gig search results position or its visibilty in the results.
If you were on vacation and came back after quite some time it is possible that Fiverr search algorithms made your gig go deeper into the search results.
You can wait for few days to see if it re appears.


Thanks for the response Sir
I cannot see my gig anywhere deeper nor on the top of the list, that’s why I’m asking that what’s wrong with my gig?


You are welcome.
In that case, you can contact Customer Support and ask them to look into this matter.


It’s a known issue that rankings drop after vacation mode. Though support has been able to restore the rankings (usually), as it’s most likely a bug. Still, I’d avoid vacation mode altogether until it works without penalties.

Personally I understand that no sales for a few weeks does inpact a gig, but everyone needs a vacation every now and then and should not be punished for doing so.


Sometimes it will take a few days for your gigs to appear in search again. If you don’t see them in a few days contact customer support.


I’m not asking about ranking I’m saying that my gig is completely not showing in its category when someone search for it.
Hope you understand now.