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I cannot see the number of saves on my gigs

Where can I find that?


That’s the “heart” on the right top corner of the page of your gig

I can see it when I am logged out but can’t when I am in.

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Copy the link to your gig and go into incognito mode on your computer. That’s what I just did cuz I can’t see it on my page either.

Must have been a long time since I check cuz it’s over 500 now (which is insane for me).


Copy your gig link and open the link in incognito window you easily find your all love( :brown_heart:).


Why would you need to see how many times your gig has been bookmarked?


Does it effect how much ( :brown_heart:) we have?

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Yes but why does that matter?

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At very least, I sometimes check how many times my gig has been bookmarked to keep track if it’s still in demand.

-February at 506 - June at 600 (I know it’s still in demand)
-February at 506 - June at 540 (The market might be getting over saturated)
-February at 506 - June at 510 (Nobody is checking for me any more)


I’m sure your gig’s sales and overall analytics would tell you the same story, even more accurately.

You have no indication that buyers know how to use that button or what it’s for.

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Can you send screen shot please. I also keen interested about it.

I think most will know what it’s for and use if for that.

It might depend on the type of gig (eg. seasonal gigs). But it’s one type of predictor of future sales. An analysis could be done on which is best/for which gigs - past sales or gig favourites/increases in them (where they’ve been used properly) and how accurate it is. Or at least it shows interest in a gig (maybe they might be waiting for a change in the gig/price decrease etc) or just waiting for the right time to purchase - they could be comparing it with other gigs in their favourites (and probably others) when they’re ready to purchase/wanting to.


I stand by my initial claim, that your analytics page and your sales record is a much better tool to use if you want to predict future sales or get indications that your gig is not in demand.


The analytics page will help too, though it’s the “gigs” page which show which gigs are getting ordered (which the analytics page doesn’t). Maybe they could add stats about the gig favourites and changes in them in the “gigs” page/tab with the other stats that are shown there. Maybe combined with the other stats, the favourites stats/changes in them could help (combined, it might give a better prediction of future sales than either past sales/impressions/views/clicks or changes in favourites on their own).

Yes, thank you for the correction, by “analytics” I actually meant the gig’s analytics page, or whatever it’s called.

Not sure why Fiverr needs to add the bookmark as a statistic we need to keep track of.

(deleted to avoid confusion, misunderstood the post this referred to)


If it’s another data point that could help give info, eg. indication of possible future sales/interest in a gig, it would help if it’s on that page with all the other stats of the gig, so you don’t have to go to a different page for it for each gig.

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I don’t think the favorites indicate anything. Or they might indicate people who saw the gig, liked what they saw, but will never buy it. I’m more interested in how many actually buy it.

If Fiverr provided the stats, we could find out how much it means/how useful it is. They could add it to the “gigs” tab like I suggested (with a history). If they added it, together with all the other stats, to an export option it could be analysed to see how much it helped predict future sales of a gig. Showing it in the gigs page could also help you quickly see which gig is favourited the most and least, which might help (with the other stats, like orders, earnings, clicks, etc.) in deciding which gigs to keep/which to pause so other gigs could be tried.

For seeing the number of saves on your gig you should do the following things:

01. Copy Your Gig link
02. Open Incognito Window From Your Preferred Browser
03. Paste that link into the Omnibox
04. Now you can see the number of saves on your gig