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I cannot see the option buyer request in my android phone

when i am using my android phone to log in i am unable to see the buyer request.where is the option?will you please help.I also want a review to my 2 gigs.I dont get any order


Download and install the Fiverr app.
Login. In the the upper left corner click on the icon that is 3 horizontal lines.
Scroll down the list that appears and you will find Buyer Requests.


okay.Great help.Thank you

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You need to create a new topic if you want the answer to a different question.


okay.i will :+1:thank you

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Hi leenamma, Hope you’re doing great!
Please follow these steps

  1. Download Fiverr App to your phone.
  2. Login to your account using Fiverr App.
  3. Click the #bottom_right icon from Fiverr App Dashboard.
  4. When you done step 3 you will see buyer request option in the list and then just click and apply the available buyer requests.
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Thank you for your reply.