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I cannot seem to get my payment on payoneer

I used the bank transfer option on fiverr to transfer 20 dollars to my payoneer account it is hown to be complete on both fiverr and payoneer but i still cant see the fund in payoneer account.
Is it that the fund has been directly sent to the bank account or do i have to wait a while?


I know you can’t raise less than 25

Minimum withdrawal is $20 with bank transfer so withdrawal is possible

I’m experiencing a similar issue. I sent $331 out of fiverr since Friday through bank transfer and I’m yet to receive till date. Says withdrawal initiated and it’s not yet completed until now. Still waiting for CS to get back on my ticket

So I advice you reach out to CS too

Is it the first time you are sending? It takes maximum a day or two for the first time transfer.

the issue is not the withdrawl the money seem to have been sent to payoneer and payoneer also shows the transaction to be complete but the problem is that the money went directly to the bank account instead of my payoneer account. i wanted the money to be in my payoneer account.
Is there any way that there is automatic transfer of funds to bank accounts or is this only issue and if possible can anyone please help me resolve this because i dont want this to happen in the future.