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I cannot seem to submit an offer


So I’ve used this site for a bit, and I only got one successful sale, after that I just basically stop using the site because of the low rating thing or whatever. Basically I’m coming back online and I tried sending an offer, It just tells me to remove the offer.

I also checked some of my old sent offers and apparently I have 4 sent, I can only see 3.

It keeps saying I need above 90% yet I have 10 offers left? What do I do?


Buyers requests are for buyers to post jobs, not sellers.

That’s why your posts are being denied, unless I’ve misunderstood.

Also, you don’t have any gigs up - I’m a bit lost really, I’ll be honest!


Yes you will not be allowed submit offers.
The 90% refers to your positive feedback ratio.
And from your profile with one feedback of 2.4
It seems that yours is bellow the 90%.


I think he wants to apply offers and not publish a request, but as he has a 2.4 star feedback, the system is blocking him.


Right - but he doesn’t have any gigs up either, so that wouldn’t help.


He has one 4 minutes ago, and I think he deleted it right after our first comments.

PS to the OP: The review is still there. Deleting a gig doesn’t delete its bad or good reviews.


Your current review rating is 2.4.

Fiverr requires that you have 4.5 or higher to send offers on Buyer’s requests.

So you may wish to actually delete this account and create a new profile to start again.

Good Luck! :thumbsup:


Wow the reply was fast, but basically that must’ve been my problem.
Thank you!