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I cannot send messages or communicate via order (FIXED)


Suddenly, I couldn’t send messages to others. So I opened an order (as a buyer) but could not communicate even via that order. Is anyone else experiencing this issue right now?


Yes, I’m having trouble delivering orders. I’ve sent a report to Fiverr, however they most likely already know about this.


Yes I also need to deliver order. But can’t. I promised the buyer that I will deliver work within 24 hours.
Hope they will fix the problem soon.


Same problem I am having this morning. Hopefully they will fix it soon.


The technical team are on it as I type this. :slight_smile:


Yes, Fiverr Support confirms that they are aware of this issue and Tech team is working on it. Good.


Same Problem here.I thought i was the only one experiencing this


same problem here typed message go to disappeared.


my typed message go to disappeared


Bug Fixed. It is working now.


Thank you for the update @dbusiness_guy. Working for me too!