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I cannot verify my account

Hi… I am new in fiverr. Its my 1 month running. I got 2 order and successfully completed.after this fiverr send me a message to verify my account. I submitted all required papers. Those was very high quality. But unfortunately fiverr didn’t verified my account. And Disabled my account…

I am really upset. Please give me some suggestions.

Thank you

did you knocked support? what was their reply?

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This is very strange…,
Usually…, they will send verification code to our email or phone number.
Never ask for any paper stuff.
Could you tell you more clearly what CS ask? What paper?

I am also facing this problem. I have uploaded many times both were high quality image. But still it is not verified my ID. I am totally fed up.

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You being upset is expected. This website doesn’t support its sellers and smears the reputation of good people. I verified my account even gave my LLC tax information. My account is still under investigation and cannot receive a sale nor buy anything until this “investigation” is done. It’s outright wrong what this Corp and website does to its sellers and people in general. What’s weird is that gigs really don’t cost 5 dollars, they cost 7.45$ usd. What’s weird is that they take a sales tax < that’s way over US sales tax query, then to top the cherry on this Crap pie they take a good chunk of the money from your sales, so customers have to pay more than 5 dollars for fiverr to eat and get their piece on the same sale they then take a % of what the seller gets within the same sale.

Get use to this site being the way it is or find somewhere else is my best piece of advice.

And fyi fiverr the investigation is never going to be lifted thus me not being able to use fiverr. Ontop of all the this the mods and the admins of the website censor what’s said here on the forum. It will be a great surprise if I come back an hour later to this thread and see that these posts havn’t been taken down by fiverr staff or further censored. This is called being gestapo

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You should carefully read TOS on Fiverr and maintain the process of TOS.

Yah…they gave me another link and i submitted high resolution pictures.But not verified.

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They show the reasons that my submitted documents was low lighting and low quality.But i use DSLR camera that was really high quality and too much clear.

I again submitted my all required documents ,but still no verified.

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Go to support and waiting.

And what do you know… My replies were flagged by supposive fiverr sellers who really work for the company.