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I cannot verify my ID

I sent a photo of my British passport to verify my ID. Immediately, I got a reply saying my ID couldn’t be verified. My account is now temporarily disabled. Can anybody help? Thanks


You need to read their instructions very carefully and take a picture of the ID exactly as they want it. They do require an extra clear picture, the exact size and no background etc. I had major problems with this myself. Take your time and do it right!

I suggest printing the requirements and going to a professional photographer to do it. It is tricky!


Thank you! Unfortunately, I cannot even do that, as I no longer have the option to verify my ID. Instead, there is a red banner above my dashboard that says my account is temporarily disabled. It says all has been explained in an email, but I have received no such thing…

Are you currently living in the UK?

You may still get the email. Sorry I am not sure what happened, that did not happen to me. My account wasn’t disabled.

Yes I live in the UK.

Did you try multiple times to upload your ID? In either case, maybe try messaging CS? If you can’t open a support ticket, I believe you can do so via email.

If you do not receive a favorable response, you can then try sending Fiverr a GDPR Subject Access Request.

You send these when you are worried that your personal data may have been mishandled by a website. As this is your passport and you using it to verify your identity, I’d say that there are grounds for you to be worried. After all, who has this copy of your passport now? What are they using it for? And how can your account be disabled by you proving your identity unless something is amiss somewhere?

By law, Fiverr has 30-days to respond to a Subject Access Request, and must also confirm your identity before providing you with the information you request. In this case, if you have nothing to hide, you can lock Fiverr into a kind of Catch 22 situation.

Just make sure to go the CS route first, though. There is no need to go in with all guns blazing unless you really need to.


Great! Thank you so much for your detailed and helpful reply! I tried to verify my ID multiple times in quick succession (maybe this is why my account was suspended). I have already sent a query to Fiverr customer support and from my experience they will reply in around 5 days. If the reply is unhelpful, I will follow the legal route that you detailed. Thank you so much for your help.


Contact CS. They can help

Just a quick update that the issue has been resolved. Thank you very much for all your help and support!