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I cannot view my gigs impression on my account


Hello,please i am having this issues on my fiverr account,i can’t view my gigs impressions, at the top of my screen, all i can see is just messages and nothing at the top of my screen again, can anyone help ?


Hey, for the best solution please knock Fiverr support, hoping they will help you.


okay thanks, i appreciate


Are you sure you are looking at the right place?

Impressions are not shown on the top of the screen.
They are in your “gigs” tab.


Please don’t tell people to contact support for this matters. If they are going to educate every person on how to use website and switch between tabs, it will make people who really need support with their orders and transactions to wait longer time
(Pheeeew, that was just a rant)


Check here your gigs and the impressions
updated .


Page not found, that’s what it is saying


Sure I know, but at the top of my homepage there’s nothing like buying, selling, community, the only thing there is messages


Zoom your page
Make it about 75%
Then everything is right


Wow it worked, thanks so much, I am grateful


Sorry for the mistake .I have updated check that again…


I think, You are using smartphone (desktop mode). use a laptop you will find switch to seller account. From seller account you will find it there.


Even with a phone you can see it


Recently, I can’t find it anymore except I use a link I saved when using desktop then I will be able to check through my smartphone.


You just need to resize the window to find all the buttons and options. Honestly, I think it’s a good responsive layout. It works mobile and it works on desktop fair well. But it presumes you don’t have a prehistoric desktop with 640x480 resolution (OBVIOUS!)


Okay thanks so much, I appreciate


Yes sure, thanks, its ok now


Yes, its okay now, grateful