I cannot withdraw the money to paypal. The button is NOT Clickable


All the money have been cleared, and the withdraw to paypal button is not clickable.

I have been seller for about 3 years, first time to see this problems.

Anyone having the same problems?

I need this to be fixed as soon as possible.

P/S: Just in case there is Fiverr staff looking at this, here is my support ticket REQUEST #593625. 24 hours, not reply by the staff yet.


i have the same problem, anyone??


Same here, and Tweeted to them about it with no reply. Really angry about this, it almost got me into a bad situation regarding the money last night. Is it really that hard to make a Tweet or post to FB if you’re having a long-term problem, Fiverr?


I ran into the problem of the disabled paypal button a few days ago. I had to send customer support a copy of my ID and paypal transaction #s of previous withdrawals. I had to also change my Fiverr and email account passwords. After doing all of that, they fixed mine for me and I’m not able to withdraw funds again.