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I Cannot Withrow Money From Fiverr


When I Attempting to Withrow, Its showing Something went wrong, Please try again letter. What to do now?


Well, it’s not a major problem at all. It’s happening because of your network problem. I recommend you to turn mobile data off and then on again. After doing this, try again for withdraw. Hope it’ll works. :slight_smile:


um trying since yesterday to till now, but its showing same thing again and again. i have done all the thing what they told to be done.


Then you contact fiverr support, they will surely help you about it :slight_smile:


i have tried to do this, but i cannot figure out the way. i cannot find the relevant subject to submit a request.


Well, go to this >> support

Then select account support. Fill up your username, subject description. In ticket categories , select revenue withdrawl support. You’re done. They will back to you within 24hours :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for helping.


Post a reply here when you get solution. Good Luck