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I cann't withdraw money from Fiverr

Hello all,
I faced one Issue in my account. I have $57.70 available. But when I try to withdraw my balance they give me a warning like this “YOU DON"T HAVE ENOUGH GAINS FOR WITHDRAWAL”.

Any Update in Fiverr with minimum Withdraw or any Issues??

What Can I do now?


Please quickly contact CS to sort out this problem. Thanks


Thank You for giving me a right solution.

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Most welcome @palashtalukder7

i think for withdraw money here is an estimated value minimum of 100 dollars and maximum so on…
after 100 dollars you may withdraw your balance thats why they give you that warning !

I think minimum withdraw amount is $150 now

That’s not true, please don’t spread false information.

You can withdraw any amount as long as it is released.

Are you sure your funds are available? And that it’s been 14 days since the delivery?


I said I think, I am not sure about this. really apologize for this misunderstanding

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This may be helpful to you:


When you have $5 then you can withdraw here. Please contact customer support here. As soon as possible they will solve your issues.

yeah you think right ,

I think there is a boundary to withdrawal minimum amount., I am not sure.