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I can't access my buyer's profile


Hello, Fiverrerrs! :smiley:

I don’t want to take too much of your time, so here’s what the problem is:

  • A buyer ordered my gig.
  • I can’t access his profile, and the Fiverr search retrieves 0 results for his account name.
  • I have at least 6 hours of tedious work to finish the order.

Should I deliver it anyway hoping everything will be fine, or what? :slight_smile:

Should I ask for cancellation?

Thanks a lot for your help!


I think the best way to find your buyer’s profile would be by going to

your orders page >> contacts >> my buyers

There you can see a list of all your buyers and you can contact them.

However, if they are a new buyer, I think you can also see their profile by just going to your current order page and clicking on the username of the buyer right? :thinking:

I hope I am right… cuz I am kinda new to all this myself :wink:

You cannot just search for your buyers using the Fiverr search on the top… This is in order to maintain buyer’s privacy from the other people who are not their sellers.


Thanks, I tried contacting him and going to his profile page, but nothing happened (I got that “error page”).


hmm… strange… No profile on a buyer whose order you are working on right now… I’d be weary. That’s for sure… This is gonna be a tough one for you to decide.


I think your buyer account has been disabled due to any violation
just conform the order for testing and see what will happen



You think I should ask for cancellation? I don’t wan’t his money, since I haven’t delivered the order (and I won’t finish it, since it would take me at least 6 hours of work).


Unfortunately, I cannot decide for you. Go with your gut feeling… If I found it kinda strange, I’d try and contact the buyer and find out what’s up… If I don’t get any reply from them or if I have a bad gut feeling about it, I’d probably cancel.


Pointless asking the buyer to cancel if they no longer exist.

Why not ask CS?


Or is it possible that the buyer’s profile actually exists… but that it is probably a bug that’s preventing their profile from showing up?

In that case, the seller might still be able to contact the buyer from the order page right?


OP said they’d tried that?

Bugs - anything’s possible.


I just did (a few minutes ago, at first the request couldn’t be sent- failed delivery warning, something like that… )

Waiting for their response.

It’s a weird situation followed with mildly unpleasant gut feeling :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Good luck with it! :slightly_smiling_face:


When I open the chat, there is a red stripe saying “the buyer can not be contacted at this time”. We live in the same time zone and it’s 5.30pm here- it’s not like 2am there and he is out of reach :slight_smile: