I Can't Access My Revenue Page, Someone Else Has The Same Problem


I can’t access my revenue page and i can’t contact fiverr support, its really wierd, !!!

someone else has the same problem as me, and can fiverr support help me throught this discussion… i hope so.

let me know

thank you


Yes, but it doesn’t work…

when i submit my ticket, they say that i need to confirn my requested by clicking on the confirmation link on my email… but i don’t receive any email from them. so i’ve tried to create an account on the fiverrzendesk, but i still don’t get the confirmation email to my email adress. i don’t really know what to do


Did you check your spam/junk folder?


lol… yes of course :slight_smile:


i hope that fiverr can read this post and help me, or someone else will contact fiverr on my behalf


i can access any page except the Revenue page, and on my profile settings i don’t have the option to link my paypal account to my fiverr account. and i can’t contact fiverr support cose i don’t receive the email confirmation after creating a ticket. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP