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I can't activate my paused GIGs

I don’t know if Fiverr changed something or not or if it’s just with me, but when I go to GIGs > PAUSED and try to ATIVATE the GIGs it doesn’t appear that option. I’ve tried to check if they added that option through PREVIEW or EDIT mode but I couldn’t find any option to ATIVATE my GIGs. Does anyone know what is happening?
ATIVATE option not available_1



You are amazing @misscrystal. Thank you so much for this. I could swear that before the option was appearing on the other side. :woman_facepalming: Thank you.

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I don’t have this option on my page. When I click the dropdown, I only have the option to edit and the “activate” button besides “delete” doesn’t show for me…

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Can’t find active button.

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