I can't add more than 1 image to my gig


I’m a newbie to the site.

I posted my first gig:


I’m having trouble uploading images to my gig. Everytime I the image it says successfully updated gig", then when I go to look at my gig, Only 1 of the images appear. What should I do ? Please help.


Yea it is happening with me too… looks like some sort of bug. Lets wait a bit. If you are hasty, contact Customer support :slight_smile:


Yes, i’m kinda really Am a bit hasty. This is my first gig and I feel like the visuals is the most important part, then promotion. We’ll see if they fix it though.


you could add a minaiture video. Use typical softwares like windows movie maker or power point and add a simple voice over if possible with music. Videos will attract far more buyers than usual. I am working on a video too!


Hmm, Even for a graphic designer ?


videos are good for all. I also draw/design stuff… have a look at my gigs… no videos = normal sales… see the videos of different sellers… and just look at the amount of feedback/orders they get daily!


I’ve created a little quick video for my first gig,check it out…