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I can't add my Bank account


Hi there… When I’m going the earnings page and try to add my bank account then showing my like this

please help me, what to do now ?


Did you connect a phone number to your account?


Yes I did… I try to add bank account before same problem I faced.


Same thing here man, In fact it happened to my last account so I had to make a new one, now in this one I tried to get the code but it didn,t send me the code so then I tried 2 to 3 more times, nothing happened , then suddenly multiple massages came with different codes and at the same time it started to show the same thing “try again later”


But I haven’t add the paypel account yet because it’s my first gig, so, I’m hoping that will work, what do you think ?


and one more thing, did you try to change your number ? please let me know


No… I provide only one number and didn’t change that