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I can't add my Behance account link to my Fiverr profile

Hello everyone,
In gigs you’re allowed to post just 3 works.
So I wanted to put my behance link in my profile so that buyers can check out my old projects, but when I click one “Behance” button nothing shows up!
Can you please tell me how to put my works on my Fiverr tho!
Thank you


I noticed that too. I wanted to link Vimeo, but those new links don’t work like the Facebook, Google, etc. links.


I’ve been searching about it, I think it’s not allowed!

Yeah you’re right. It’s not on the list of allowed links. I thought it was.

My apologies.


No worries bro, thank you so much :wink:

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Here is a list of approved links

Just scroll to the bottom of the page.


Just an FYI: This little section on the left side of profiles is what we’re chatting about

Links for Behance, GitHub and Vimeo were added, but for me they’re not clickable at all.



If you have portfolio on Behance, you can also paste link of your portfolio in your gig description. I’m not sure it’s allowed or not but I have seen some sellers have shared the link of their portfolio in their gig.

Maybe you can confirm that if it’s allowed or not.

Good Luck! :innocent:


WHOAAAA!! I was wondering about this too. I though it was just me who can’t adding behance link on left side. Maybe if you have solid portfolio on behance, they afraid if the potential buyer would commissioned you directly without using fiverr as a bridge / 3rd party. :thinking: Naruhodo Naruhodo…

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I am facing the same problem.
How to fix it?

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I try so many time but not working same as stack overflow

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Is there Any Solution to this problem?

I am facing the same problem tried clicking on behance in profile section but nothing happens!

Same here, can’t connect to my behance account. :frowning:

Yes, Same problem.I dont understand, if they dont want to allow us to link Behance, then why there is the behance tab in the first place. This part has been very annoying for me too.!

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I’m also having this problem. :[ Why is there a Behance tab if it’s not allowed?

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Yeah, same problem!. I didn’t link my Behance account to Fiverr