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I can't add my Linkedin and behance link in my profile

Hello everyone
This is my first post in fiverr community.

I am new seller in fiverr. I connected my facebook, google and dribbble account. But I can,t my Linkedin and behance link in my profile.

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@nawabfarhana LinkedIn not Approve Fiverr Link

Hi there,

Welcome to the forums!

In order to help you out, we need a bit more information about your issue. You say you can’t add the LinkedIn-connection to your Fiverr profile.

Do you get any error messages when you try to do this? What exactly happens when you try to add your LinkedIn connection?

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But show it Linkedin and dribbble.

I try more but not connect.

If you have done it correctly and it still isn’t working I would suggest contacting customer support to see if they can solve the issue for you.

Only the following URLs may be used in your profile or Gig description:

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Thank you

yes because before linkdin is approvedFiverr link now LinkedIn don’t Approve Fiverr Link

If you mean the links under your profile details …… Linked Accounts. I think some forum users have said that those two don’t appear to work.

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you but I don’t understand what are you saying?

Can these be used in fiverr messages?

Though I have linked my LinkedIn with my profile but still unable to connect github , Behance & twitter. It’s a Sitewide error. For now, we have to wait until it resolved by Fiverr Devs Team.