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I cant add tags to my gig

Hello friends, i am new on fiverr and after my 1st gig i decide to go for another one but after filling everything when i come to add tags fiverr wont suggest me tags that was weird i start wrighting tags but when i hit enter it erase everything.

i wright mail to fiverr but still no help. please help me guys :slight_smile: thank you


Hi there, you dont have to hit enter to add tag just write commas between

example: KeywordComma KeywordComma

tree, house, tag, logo, more


It wont let me type a comma


i know this is old, but i had this problem recently…type in the tag…and afterwards hit enter…thats what worked for me


Thank you for this response!

This works, thanks Mike

this actually worked thanks very much!

Hello can you plz tell me why i cant add tagg there is no any suggestion list i tried tag comma but it doesn’t work for me what should i do? What is hit/enter i am new at fiverr

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Well I also tried the same comma thing, and i pressed the ‘enter’ key, however I did not get through. However I discovered that if you probably search for something more general,you should get through. Like type, proof read and things like that.If you dont get through doing that, you can type two adjacent letters within the word you want to type and see if anything comes up.